Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Coming Up For Air

The Oracle speaks on behalf of Air:

Can you see me? Can you feel me?
Breathe, B r e a t h e.......
Can you feel me now?

You're wasting me, you're wasting my breath.
What if I stop?

Stop, stop, stop what you are doing.
Where is my Holy Smoke?
Where are my Temples?

What have you done with me? What have you given me to hold?
See - I hold the morning mist, I hold the songs of birds and bee's hum.
And now the dirt and death and sorrow of millions.

See how I hold Her, how I surround Her, The Earth. I love Her. I touch her, stroke her face. I protect her. And you, I know your every crevice, I know you inside and out. I love you. Feel me, breathe. I breathe you, you breathe me.

B R E A T H E ....this is my gift of love to you.

Can you see me?
Can you hear me?
Do you know me?
Can you do without me?

Were this a mighty Oak I could fell it. Were it a huge tower, I could fell it, were it a civilisation I could completely remove it.
Where is your breath? Where is your breath, without mine?
Where is my temple?
Where is your love for me?
Here is mine.

Can you see me? Can you see me now? Can you see how I  hold the droplets of water. Can you hear the plane I hold in the sky. Can you see me now? Can you hear me? Can you feel me?
Can you feel me now?
Can you see me?

Where is my holy smoke? Where are my temples? Can you feel me? Do you need me?
See. See how I hold everything. See how I touch, everywhere. I hold Her, The Earth, in my arms. I am all around Her, I love Her, I protect Her.
Can you see me?
Can you feel me?

From within the experience it seemed very clear that the Temple that Air is asking for is the Temple of our lungs, of our bodies. That we see ourselves as sacred containers within the interconnected web of all things. That our bodies become a holy place, sacred and honouring of The Divine which is all things, which speaks here as Air.

It is also clear that Air would like to be offered the acknowledgement and blessing of holy smoke. So light a beautiful incense and speak out your gratitude.

Heed the North wind's mighty gale;
lock the door and trim the sail. 
When the wind comes from the South, 
love will kiss you on the mouth. 
When the Moor wind blows from the West 
departed spirits have no rest 
When the wind blows from the East, 
expect the new and set the feast. 

From The Wiccan Rede by Doreen Valiente. 

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