Wednesday, 2 November 2016


The Ancient Ones, The Sacred Ones, the ones who were there at the beginning of time, these were wise ancestors and for generations upon generations we listened to them.

But then...... we stopped. And now it seems we are looking in the wrong direction. Our constant harking back to times gone by; the good old days, the ancient magical past, these seem to have so little bearing upon the present and remembering does nothing. Anger and grief achieve nothing if they do not become sacred action. Without that we only loop around and arrive once again at the present.

Those that we need to learn from are young now, these are the future guardians of Earth and the one's to whom this matters most. Theirs (if we have not completely deprived them of the opportunity) is going to be the longest time here, if we start counting from this moment.There are some incredibly inspiring young people out there at the moment, who are saying - with incredible clarity - what needs to be done.

It is time to listen not to our ancestors - look where that got us - but to our inheritors. Many of these young ones are truly listening to the Earth and listening to their hearts. Theirs should be the rule of law.

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